Anna's Letter on Day of Sentencing

Kendrick Morris:

You killed my little sister, my other half. You took away from me the most precious thing to me on this earth. She was my best friend, and two of us were inseparable.

I was her role model, her shelter. When we were young, I would hold her hand crossing the street. She would hide behind me when she was scared. I was there to protect her as best I could.

But I was not able to protect her from you that night. What you did was horrific and evil; there is no doubt. You destroyed lives and dreams. It was an event that will haunt many for the rest of their lives.

When I found out that law enforcement had caught you, the attacker, I had peace of mind knowing my sister was then safe.

When you were found guilty, I had peace of mind knowing that justice would be served.

Nowadays I sit and daydream about what could have been. Us two being able to afford to take mom on the vacation she always dreamed of. Us two doing mission work together in a third world country. Her, walking down the aisle one day as my maid of honor. Her, being able to proudly hold her sister’s newborn baby.

But those things will never happen. Because of you. I now have to continue on with my life without the little sister I once knew.

It is only by the grace of God that our family was made whole again. I have a new sister, same physical body, different girl. Mom and I are raising her again, as if she were a toddler. She does not walk, talk, eat, or see. She has Sesame Street on the TV and she listens to kiddie music.

I am encouraged by the fact that one day, after her earthly life is over, her body will be transformed into a new heavenly body, glorified and flawless, perfect in every way. She will spend an eternity of happiness with her Lord and Savior.

I pray for you often, Kendrick, and I want you to know that there is hope for your soul and your spirit if you believe.

I would like to see you again, one day, in heaven.

Until then, my little sister will suffer. My family will suffer. But with God-given strength and support from the incredible community, we will continue to live to glorify God.

And you will suffer, rightly so. You can never have another opportunity to hurt another little girl, another woman.

You are accountable for your actions. But it is not I that decides what you deserve, it is God and the judicial system—and I have faith in both.

Your honor, my hope and want is that you impose the maximum penalty on Kendrick Morris.
Thank you.

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