Because She's One of Us

 This past April, an incoming UF freshman was attacked and left in serious condition. She was dropping library books offat her local library when the incident occurred.

As of this October, she is unable to see, speak or move.

Due to high medical bills, her mother has been told that Medicaid will no longer cover the cost it takes to keep her in a rehabilitation center.

On November 17th, AAREST, Student Government Advertising Cabinet, and Panhellenic Council Women's Wellness teamed up to present motivational speakers Kelly Addington and Becca Tieder and a safety presentation by UFPD.

Thank you to all that were able to attend and help support this cause.

A total of $2,959.68 was raised for the victim!!! The money was deposited on November 18th at the local Gainesville SunTrust bank. Our efforts combined as a Gator Nation have had a direct impact on the victim and her family.

This young woman, a member of the Gator Nation, still needs our help. Any donation will help her on her path to recovery. Imagine if every member of the Gator Nation just helped a little. Imagine the impact we could have on a fellow Gator in need. We hope that one day our efforts through donations will help her finally come to the university she was meant to attend this fall. Please help us Fight Back as the Gator Nation.

We will be continuing our efforts to help raise donations for the victim. Even though she is not with us at UF, she is part of our Gator Nation, and IS "one of us," a gator.

If you would like to help contribute to this cause, please make your check out to the "Bloomingdale Library Assault Victim Fund." You can drop off cash or check at any SunTrust bank. Inform the bank teller that the donation is going to the Bloomingdale Library Attack Victim Fund account.

Thank you for your help and support!

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