Queena's Prayer Vigil

"I was held in Your arms, carried for a thousand miles to show, not for a moment did You forsake me."
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The Re-sentencing of Queena's Attacker

Not many would ever wish to live in prison, but I have to wonder, if given the option to either live in prison or be crippled like his victim, would Kendrick trade places with Queena?
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How is Queena Doing in 2016?

It has been a busy year for Queena...
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MEDIA ADVISORY: Golf Tourney Seeks Participants To Help Raise Money For Attack Survivor

Volunteers organizing a golf tournament fundraiser are seeking participants and sponsors for an upcoming event on July 31st for the Bloomingdale Library Attack Survivor
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The making of Queena's Maid of Honor Speech

Anna had the idea of making a slideshow of pictures and playing it during the reception in place of Queena’s speech. Well, this was a fine idea but I wanted to take it a step further....
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