New book chronicles 10-year journey of attack survivor Queena

Tampa Bay Times Written by: Ernest Hooper
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Ten Year Celebration Of Life Fundraiser Celebrates Queena's Journey

Over the last 10 years, the community has followed Queena’s story. A decade later, she still works tirelessly in daily therapy sessions to regain the life she once knew. On Sunday, April 29, Queena will take a break from therapy to celebrate with the community, the JoinQueena team is looking for sponsors or donations for the event including food and beverages, live entertainment, bar service, silent auction items and volunteers.
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Queena's Prayer Vigil

"I was held in Your arms, carried for a thousand miles to show, not for a moment did You forsake me."
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The Re-sentencing of Queena's Attacker

Not many would ever wish to live in prison, but I have to wonder, if given the option to either live in prison or be crippled like his victim, would Kendrick trade places with Queena?
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How is Queena Doing in 2016?

It has been a busy year for Queena...
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