Doctor Notes

Queena's Progress

The therapies that I use are the ionic footbath, cold laser therapy, a cranial technique called Bio Cranial Therapy, and also equipment called a percussor and adjustor.
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Update from Dr. Lambos' office

All agree that Queena is more responsive, her eyes are moving better -- the "eyes are the first musculature" to show "return" after an accident like this - her eyes and facial expressions. All (Dr. Lambos, nurses, family etc.) agree there is significant improvement in this area. Improved eye contact, etc.
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Update from Dr. Victor

Dr. Victor is Queena's chiropractor
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Queena's Progress with Acupressure and Acupuncture

I first started providing Acupressure and Acupuncture service to Queena in September 2011. My immediate goals for helping Queena in her recovery were:
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Latest Report from Dr. Lambos

Here are some notes I took related to what Dr. Lambos relayed at our meeting on Tues:
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