Myofascial Release and Energy Healing

Myofascial Release and Energy techniques were introduced to Queena on 1/12/13. It happened to be the time in her recovery when the doctors said she needs to reconnect the brain to the rest of the body.
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Latest Report from Dr. Lambos

Here are some notes I took related to what Dr. Lambos relayed at our meeting on Tues:
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TheraSuit Session

A synopsis of Queena’s progress during her TheraSuit program beginning October 8, 2012 ending October 25th, 2012. A total of 36 hours of TheraSuit training was delivered by the 2 physical therapists assisted by caregivers.
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Queena's Progress May 2012

Over 4 years Queena has been working very hard everyday from inside out to get her life back. I am her mom, proud to say she has greatly remarkable improvements her ability and made even more progress.
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Queena's new bike

Hello all,
Custom made Queena's bike just arrived today. She loved! We want to thank God for her and praise God of miracle. Thanks all for your supports and prayer!


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