Queena's PT Progress March 2013

Reflecting upon her episode of care which began in November 2012 and ended in February 2013, I am able to report significant progress in Queena's abilities. I will highlight many of her achievements:
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Myofascial Release and Energy Healing

Myofascial Release and Energy techniques were introduced to Queena on 1/12/13. It happened to be the time in her recovery when the doctors said she needs to reconnect the brain to the rest of the body.
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Latest Report from Dr. Lambos

Here are some notes I took related to what Dr. Lambos relayed at our meeting on Tues:
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TheraSuit Session

A synopsis of Queena’s progress during her TheraSuit program beginning October 8, 2012 ending October 25th, 2012. A total of 36 hours of TheraSuit training was delivered by the 2 physical therapists assisted by caregivers.
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Queena's Progress May 2012

Over 4 years Queena has been working very hard everyday from inside out to get her life back. I am her mom, proud to say she has greatly remarkable improvements her ability and made even more progress.
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