Thank You!

"Thank you to the INCREDIBLE community who got together and held two successful fundraisers last weekend. I am in awe of the goodness in your hearts. We can't say thank you enough. To those that organized, attended, and contributed in some all have shown that love does endure and faith is real and hope is alive. Thank you for your continued prayers and tireless support. We are so very blessed to call you friends, to call you family."

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Notes from Queena

Queena uses a communication device to send messages.
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Moments, Places, Feelings, People...

September of 2011 marked the time when a keystone person came into my life, that person is our Queena. I remember the first time I arrived at the Phu household, not knowing what to expect, but well aware that something was about to happen that would change my life.
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Fundraiser for Queena - Fashionollia 64 Sponsor Letter

The Tampa Woman's Club has chosen Queena as the recipient of its largest fundraiser of the year-- Fashionollia 64. The club has hosted a fashion show each year for the past 63 years to raise funds for worthy Tampa causes. The funds raised from this year's fundraiser will go towards Queena's medical and therapy expenses.
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The Third week of TheraSuit Treatment

We all arrive today with anticipation of what this week will hold for Queena. Monday was a day of preparing Queena for the week and for the onslaught of media who will be attending TheraSuit Sessions on Tuesday and Wed.
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