Speech and Language Progress Update

Notes from Queena's speech-language pathologist, Donald Superfine
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Brain Mapping Update

Good News! As with all previous brain pictures the latest one continues to show improvement - Keep up the good work, Q!
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Join Queena T-shirts!!

A self-defense fundraising event is planned today at Title Boxing Club - 889 East Bloomingdale Ave, Brandon, FL 33511 and we have t-shirts!
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Grillsmith Fundraiser Letter from Diana

A message from my new friend Diana for a fundraiser she's putting together at Grillsmith on June 29!
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Dolphin Therapy Recommendation Letter - TAKE 2!

We are still working on getting Queena into therapy at Island Dolphin Care in Key Largo. This recommendation letter was written by one of her therapists! Thank you, Ms. Heather!
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