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September of 2011 marked the time when a keystone person came into my life, that person is our Queena. I remember the first time I arrived at the Phu household, not knowing what to expect, but well aware that something was about to happen that would change my life.
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The Third week of TheraSuit Treatment

We all arrive today with anticipation of what this week will hold for Queena. Monday was a day of preparing Queena for the week and for the onslaught of media who will be attending TheraSuit Sessions on Tuesday and Wed.
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Queena Suit Therapy Week Number 2

Today was spent initially working further on Queena’s tight muscles in her neck, shoulder girdle and arms. She is amazing how she tolerates 4 different therapist hands on her at one time and is still able to sort out touch commands and verbal commands and respond to them.
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Queena is a Survivor.

Queena is undertaking the challenge of Suit Therapy/TheraSuit at Pediatric Therapy Services in Lakeland. Queena’s family and supportive community have made this opportunity available to her by their continued support.
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Queena's TheraSuit Result Form

Attached is a copy of the TMIP Result Form
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