Moments, Places, Feelings, People...

Moments, places, feelings, people.....these are a fraction, albeit an important one, they are entities that makeup this experience we were blessed with called life. You have to allow yourself to find appreciation in every one of the colors and brush strokes that makeup this big picture.

Personally, I chose to allow people to be the foundation that makes my experience withstand the storms of life. September of 2011 marked the time when a keystone person came into my life, that person is our Queena. I remember the first time I arrived at Queena's home household, not knowing what to expect, but well aware that something was about to happen that would change my life.

Queena was not quick to take a liking to me, but during that first hour session, I was able to read her and know a short story about a Busch Gardens trip and a bodily function of an elephant may be just the ticket to building the rapport I would need to be an effective therapist and fixture in her life.  5 months later, and she has been an effective therapist and fixture in my life.

I am inspired and humbled every minute I am in her presence. I am her speech therapist, but she is the one who has taught me. I've taken her through the steps to maintain focus, verbalize based on her feelings and make steps toward intentional communication. She has come so far in such a short time, and I am overwhelmed with pride at each milestone we reach. She not only inspires me, but makes me love what I do more than I ever imagined possible. Every Tuesday and Thursday, I wrap up my 9-5(ish), wearing teal, telling silly stories about poo, with my favorite girl. These moments, during what some may call a job, but I deem a calling and a privilege, are what keep me grounded. Every goal and objective I assist Queena in reaching, is subsequently an accomplishment in my own life. I will stop at nothing to improve this angel, as she has never stopped in improving me.  

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