Myofascial Release and Energy Healing

Queena’s  path with Myofascial Release and energy healing occurred in January 2013.  Before my trip to Brazil to see John of God in December 2012, it was on my heart to bring a photo of Queena.  Eluv who is a friend of Queena had mentioned her to me a year ago when we met at Eluv’s crystal bowl concert.  My path with Eluv crossed again at her crystal bowl concert in November.  Eluv happened to have a picture of Queena and was thrilled about the opportunity for Queena.  While in Brazil, Vanna and I connected by email.  Queena received spiritual work from John of God at a distance on 12/13/12.  Vanna noticed on the same day that Queena’s left arm was more relaxed than it had been.  When I returned from the John of God trip, I called Vanna and shared the information about Myofascial Release and how it could help Queena accelerate and shift her healing.  After Queena’s busy holidays, she was ready to receive the energy healing and Myofascial Release.
I am a licensed Physical Therapist with 15 years of experience and with specialized training in Myofascial Release with John Barnes, the founder of Myofascial Release, to the Expert Level.  Myofascial Release and Energy techniques were introduced to Queena on 1/12/13.  It happened to be the time in her recovery when the doctors said she needs to reconnect the brain to the rest of the body.
Myofascial Release works on the connective tissue or fascia, which is the energy conduit system of the body.  When we first met, there was a lot of energy work needed to clear and balance the energy chakras of the body.  There were myofascial restrictions in many areas, including the neck, cranium, respiratory diaphragm, spinal areas, shoulders, scapula, wrist, hands, hips, feet, etc.  Each session, we addressed the areas that most needed treatment. There are hundreds of different Myofascial Release techniques to choose from, for all areas of the body, including craniosacral and intraoral techniques.  They are used to open up the connective tissue blockages to restore the energy flow and allow the normal functioning of all cells in the area.  We are talking about nerves, blood vessels, lymphatic cells, muscles, organs, etc. 
Immediately after the first visit, Queena’s mother said Queena had good results from the energy work and Myofascial Release.  There has been a transformation after every session, but especially after the fifth session.  Queena’s endocrine system was restored enough to produce the hormones needed to have a normal female cycle.  It is the energy vortexes in our body called chakras that are associated with endocrine glands.  If the chakra is strong and balanced, the endocrine glands associated with it are healthy.  If all the chakras are strong and balanced, the endocrine system is healthy and the whole body is healthy and vibrant. 
Queena has had seven Myofascial Release sessions thus far.  After the second session, she had a significant decrease in neck tension and could move her head to both sides with increased ease.  There was less tension in both arms.  She learned to use her breath to let go of tension stuck in the body. 
After the third session, there was less left hip restriction and no more resistance to movement.  Also the work on the neck, thoracic inlet and respiratory diaphragm stimulated Queena to increase her attempts to verbalize after the session.  Plus she had a great smile on her face.  We sensed that she felt the healing and her energy integrating.
After the fourth session, she had fewer restrictions in the shoulders and less pent up energy in the body through Myofascial Release unwinding techniques.  With her physical therapy session during this week, Queena was able to improve her walking and accomplished stair climbing for the first time with the help of her physical therapists.
After the fifth session, Queena had less extensor tone and was able to sit with better posture and balance.  She had decreased tension and tone in her arms and legs and better head control.  Her breathing pattern improved and she attempted to verbalize more.  During this week, Queena was able to improve walking and made gains in pool therapy. 
After the sixth session, Queena’s upper extremities were more relaxed and the circulation improved in her whole body, including hands and feet.  Her breathing improved as well.
After the seventh session, Queena could relax her hands flat.  This is a first in her recovery--release of tension enough to extend the fingers and wrists straight.  She was assisted to place both hands flat on her heart center.  It was a beautiful session.  She felt the healing as she laughed with joy, made sounds and released a few tears.  We are on an accelerated healing journey now. 
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For further information on Myofascial Release and a directory of practitioners by state, go to John Barnes’ website.

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