Prayers for Queena ahead of attacker's resentencing

 By: Kellie Cowan, FOX 13 News
BRANDON (FOX 13) - In 2008, an East Bay High School senior was robbed of her ability to walk, talk, and even see after a brutal attack and rape.
Kendrick Morris was just 16 when he attacked Queena. He was sentenced to 65 years in prison, but a Supreme Court ruling has allowed Morris the chance at a new trial.
A judge will decide Thursday whether he'll receive a reduced sentence, but his victim's family is asking for life in prison.

"She's serving a life sentence and she will not get the opportunity for a resentencing," Queena's sister Anna Donato offered. "There's a lot of things that she cannot do and he can."

In February, a new hearing was held for Morris. His defense team argued he could be rehabilitated and become a productive member of society.

On Thursday, he'll find out his new sentence, which could be shortened or even extended to life in prison.
Queena's family is asking for justice for a daughter whose life sentence will never have the possibility to be amended by the courts

"We really are hoping for life," Donato continued. "Queena's still here. She's alive and she's an incredible person and has a big impact on the community, but she's still incapable of so many things."

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