Queena's Holistic Healing Facials and Reiki

I have been giving Queena Holistic Healing Facials and Reiki (energy work) for almost four years. Acupressure and Lymphatic drainage is used to rid Queena's body of toxins and to stimulate her facial muscles, I also work on her jaws to ease the pressure placed on them.  While Queena is in her facial mask I do a full body Reiki session.

In the four years I see great improvement not only in Queena's skin tone, but in her muscles and the lessening of pressure on her jaws. While doing Reiki there is now a lot of hand and leg movement where before there was none. During a facial there are many steps that are done in order, Queena knows them and looks forward to certain ones, like the lip treatment. If I ever forget a step she lets me know.

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