Queena's Physical Therapy Report

Queena has demonstrated consistent progress during her PT sessions over the past year.  Over the course of the past twenty sessions, Queena has progressed with her ability to grade her strength with the transition from sitting to standing with much more control.  Queena can now perform partial sit to stands and partial squats.  Queena has also demonstrated the ability to initiate the transition from standing to sitting without needed manual cues in a timely manner.   These tasks all posed a great challenge to Queena in the past and this progress demonstrates her ability to control her tone. 

Queena has also demonstrates increased endurance and trunk control in standing.  While supporting Queena’s trunk and assisting in weight shifting, for the first time Queena successfully took her first step with me with her left leg.  She successfully stepped two times with her left leg.  She demonstrates good left knee control when given verbal and manual cues.   Outside of Queena’s overall improved ability to focus on each task and improved ability to maintain eye contact, her overall work ethic, drive and spirit continues to be exceptional.  It always is a pleasure to work with Queena.       
Michael Tuccio MPT

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