Queena's Progress June 2011

 Dear Vanna,
I wanted to provide you some updates regarding Queena's progress.  Looking back in the last year, I have observed significant progress in Queena's abilities. I will highlight many of her achievements since meeting her last year.
Head control- Upon initial evaluation last year, Queena had limited ability to hold up her head, possessing poor neck strength... However, now she is able to hold up her head for the entire one hour session. She is able to hold her head up even when in a prone position. This increased neck strength has allowed her to interact more w/ her surroundings, improve her swallowing potential and improve her ability to sit up and attempt standing.
Sitting balance: When Queena started Outpatient PT last year, she had no observable righting response; that is, she was unable to control her trunk at all. She was described as having "no trunk control" on the initial evaluation in 2010... However, she can now sit up at the edge of mat with moderate assistance for over 20 minutes. Using her tone for functional purposes, she can hold onto PVC piping and sit erect w/ moderate assist of therapist for over 10 minutes without falling.
Standing balance: Last year, standing was not a possible goal. She was not physically able to even attempt that feat. Last year, we were simply trying to help Queena with building up her trunk strength and neck control so that she could try to sit up... However, she now has built up her postural tone and trunk/neck strength to be able to stand up with maximum assist of two persons for over 10 minutes. She responds to cueing to stand up straighter, showing us that she is able to comprehend more complex instructions. We are now able to attempt weight shifting exercises and assist her with taking steps (with max assist  x 2-3 persons).
Mental status: Last year, she was listed as not being to follow commands or really interact with therapists.... However, since last year, she has made significant improvements in this regard. Queena is quite interactive using non-verbal expressions (facial expressions, raising her arm or using her tone to move her body). She laughs at appropriate instances, often catching subtle humor. She has proven to be able to follow verbal commands to kick her legs or raise her arms intermittently. Queena laughs energetically and is observed listening intently to those around her. 
Queena's injuries are significant but I can honestly say that she has made significant progress in the last year. I feel that she is working hard and has potential to achieve many milestones. I feel that ongoing therapy will greatly improve her quality of life and should be continued.
Thank you Vanna for your confidence in me. Queena is a remarkable young lady and is truly an inspiration to all of us!
Heather L. Smith, PT
Rehab Supervisor
South Bay Hospital

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