Queena's Vision Report - May 2013

I have been evaluating Queena for two and a half years. She has severe visual problems due to her head injuries during the accident.  In the time that I have worked with Queena, I have seen slow but steady progress. One way that this is obvious is seeing her improvement in strength and posture due to the many additional therapies that she has been receiving. 

In the beginning Queena had significant problems with side vision on either side. She now responds much better to right and left side. She is better able to control her eyes and look at an object in front of her on demand, which is an important step in her visual rehabilitation. When I first saw her, she couldn't tolerate glasses at all. Now she is wearing glasses to help improve her visual attentiveness. 

Queena still has many visual obstacles to overcome. While her visual attention has improved, it isn't possible to know how clearly she sees at this time. Visually she responds very slowly and has difficulty with visual overstimulation. 

I have tremendous respect for Queena, her family, and all her supporters and wish her much progress in the future.

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