Recent Update from Dr. Lambos

Caryn McDemott accompanied Vanna and Queena to meet with Dr. Lambos to review Queena's latest protocols. Here are notes from that meeting. 

First and foremost, Queena is still progressing.  Queena's brain continues to become active. Her FFT summary shows her brain normalizing and continuing to become more active.  Her areas are "isolating" as they interact with different parts of the brain the way they should. 

Dr. Lambos stated Queena's cognitive function has never looked better.  She has shown more growth in this block than any other block.  As we understand the results, this means Queena's natural abilities, natural smarts and natural efforts continue to strengthen her mind.   Moving forward, the key task will focus on getting her brain to communicate with her muscles. 

Queena communicated to her therapist during one of these sessions that "her head itched" and then Queena would laugh.  Dr, Lambos thought she might have been saying the connections "tickled" her.  This is extremely significant as it would be a genuine communication verbalized from Queena.  As you can imagine, we were very excited to hear this!!

It is  the recommendation of Dr. Lambos that Queena will now benefit from taking a break from this type of therapy. She needs to let it settle and give her brain a chance to grow into these new areas of ability. Queena needs time to let this recent hard work integrate and develop in her own mind. "The brain becomes more receptive to sessions after it regenerates a bit, settles a bit," said Dr. Lambos.

Queena will wait at least three months and visit Dr. Lambos again.  In the meantime, Queena will take the advise of her doctor and let these new connections mature.

See video of Dr. Lambos' report here.

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