She is on the Move!

To each of Queena’s current fans, thank you all for your wonderful support and for sharing this journey with her and her family. To all those who are new to Queena, welcome to an amazing story that will fill your heart and build your faith!
I have the honor of walking out some of this journey with Queena, as her current physical therapist.
On a weekly basis, Queena receives physical therapy with me in her home. This is in addition to other services including, but not limited to, occupational therapy, speech therapy, chiropractic care, personal training at Stay In Step, and aquatic therapy. In the midst of all this hard work and therapy, Queena has had some great results in recent months.
Some encouraging changes:
Queena has been able to maintain her own posture in sitting for up to one to two minutes at a time, with some pillow support placed to help support her sides. When she begins to get unsteady, the pillows get readjusted, and she is ready to stay up for even longer!
She also has had a great ability to respond to verbal prompting to lift her head more upright - without triggering her whole body to go back with her head. This has allowed her to stay sitting long enough to listen more attentively to some of her favorite radio station shows, get the latest celebrity updates, and follow along with some fun topics of conversation with friends and family.
Another super exciting achievement is Queena’s ability to maintain her balance, and her weight, in standing, within the TRAM unit. The TRAM is a piece of equipment that can be seen in some of the Stay In Step sessions shown on The unit is designed with support straps to help reduce the amount of work she needs to perform to hold her own weight, and also, it prevents her from falling or getting hurt. The TRAM comes with wheels on it, and brakes to lock it as needed.
Queena has been able to stand in the TRAM for up to 30 seconds without the brakes being locked. This is so amazing because it means she is recognizing when her body is losing its balance and activating the correct muscles to adjust herself to prevent the TRAM from rolling off in any direction! This also means, that her muscles are strong enough to sustain her posture and weight way better than they could before!

Along with improving her standing balance in the TRAM, Queena has also been on the move! She has been able to take way more fluid steps, when assisted by someone to help roll the TRAM forward and someone to help her swing one foot at a time forward for each step. Her muscle tone has not been causing her body to lock up nearly as often into rigid straight tone- the kind that used to stop her from taking as many steps in a row so smoothly!

Queena has also been able to achieve some pretty fantastic Yoga positions as well with the support of her OT, Lan. This helps tremendously with softening her muscle tone, and helping her to relax, after a hard day’s work. She also gets some relaxation of her muscles during her aquatic therapy sessions at True Blue Therapy.
And, while some things have changed, some things haven’t:
Queena still loves her dogs Charlie and Princess! She still laughs out loud when they refuse to move away from the rolling wheels of the TRAM and their tails almost get tangled in, during our sessions. And, she still gets a kick out of them having accidents on the floor, from time to time.
I think Queena might be over her Justin Bieber phase, but she still loves to hear some good music, especially songs on her favorites like The Joy FM.
Last, but certainly not least, Queena is still one of the strongest, people I know. She continues to persist beyond her challenges. And, she is overcoming obstacles and inspiring others every day!
If you feel led and inspired to assist in Queena’s recovery, her family always welcomes your prayers and encouragement!
Also, out of all the therapies mentioned in this progress update, only the physical therapy is covered by insurance. Everything else is paid out of pocket by Queena’s family.
Queena’s mom has stood on faith all these years to provide financially for all the help they need for Queena’s recovery journey expenses. The community of supporters like you have always been their miracle for being able to pay for these needed services.
You can donate any time at

Queena and her mom, Vanna, thank you humbly and appreciatively from the bottom of their hearts! And so do I!!

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