Speech and Language Progress Update

Speech and Language Progress
Queena has been seen in the home setting three times per week for speech, language, swallowing and oral motor care treatment tasks. 
Therapy has emphasized oral motor skills, lingual and labial mobility exercises, swallowing for pureed foods, verbal/visual attending skills, and vocal production of vowel sounds.
Queena has improved her oral motor skills as she is able to orally ingest small amounts of pureed foods safely.  Queena is able to mobilize her tongue and labial closures more productively.  Her saliva retention has also improved.  Queena is now able to produce single vowel sounds.
Queena is able to verbally attend to simple verbal directions and responds favorable to treatment of verbal auditory commands and directions.  Queena’s visual skills including eye gaze responses have improved her visual tracking skills.
Continued progress is expected in areas of oral motor development, swallowing for soft foods, chewing and mastication, visual and verbal tracking and comprehension skills, including speech productions of single sounds.
Queena remains alert and cooperative.
Donald Superfine, CCCSLP
Speech and Language Progress

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