TheraSuit Intensive Therapy, Bloomingdale Library Survivor

Media Advisory – For Immediate Release

The Bloomingdale Library Attack Survivor is making headway in a new intensive therapy program called TheraSuit.  The media is invited to attend the intensive therapy sessions Nov. 8-9.  

Contact:  Denise Kilburn, PT and Co-Owner Pediatric Therapy Services, Inc. (863) 802-3800 or the Bloomingdale Library Attack Survivor’s Mother at (813) 751-5745 or via email:

The Bloomingdale Library Attack Survivor is making headway in a new intensive therapy program called TheraSuit.  Through this program, the Bloomingdale Library Attack Survivor is expected to learn what she can make her own body do, not what others can make it do for her.
In just one week, the intensive therapy program, TheraSuit, has brought noticeable improvements for the Bloomingdale Library Attack Survivor.  The young woman’s mother calls the therapy program a “god send.”  The mother says the TheraSuit program is helping her daughter get stronger, faster.

During her first week of therapy at Pediatric Therapy Services, Inc. in Lakeland, the Bloomingdale Library Attack Survivor was evaluated and goals were established.  The first goal was to help her to relearn to call up the muscles of her own body so she could function as a whole, rather than in pieces.  

The Bloomingdale Library Attack Survivor started this round of TheraSuit on Oct. 24 and will continue the intensive therapies for three weeks.  

She currently attends three hour long therapy sessions, Monday through Friday.  The TheraSuit program is expected to make noticeable changes in the young woman’s daily routines. This intensive therapy program is one of many that are not covered by the Medicaid services in which the Bloomingdale Library Attack Survivor is entitled. The cost of the three week TheraSuit sessions is more than $5,000.  The family sees the improvements in their daughter that come from the TheraSuit sessions so they continue to pay out-of-pocket from donations collected during various fundraisers this summer.
The media is invited to attend the intensive therapy sessions next week. Pictures and videos of the session are encouraged; however, the family requests that no shots of the Survivor’s face be taken. Pictures may not be taken of any other children or families while in the therapy center.
Dates:                November 8 – 9, 2011
Times:                1:00 – 3:00 p.m.  
Location:        Pediatric Therapy Services, Inc.
                        1215 East Orange Street, Lakeland, FL 33801

For interview information please contact Co-Owner of Pediatric Therapy Services, Inc. and Physical Therapist, Denise Kilburn, at (863) 802-3800.

In a recap of the first week Denise Kilburn said, “She quickly showed us that her strengths were her spirit, a strong will, a sense of humor and the ability to concentrate while pushing herself forward to the next challenge. When the Suit was on, she was able to sit with her feet flat on the floor. She turned her head to help with rolling her body and brought her left leg across her body with help.  Learning to roll by herself is extremely important.  It will help her move her own body in bed and she can assist her caretakers in the dressing process.”  

The team at Pediatric Therapy Services said the Bloomingdale Library Attack Survivor’s patience during the first week was amazing. They explained that she waited for them to transfer her, put the Suit on and figure out the best way to make things work. They also said she has not wavered in her energy levels and has not taken one break from her first week of challenges.  While she has shown frustration and a little bit of “well-deserved anger” towards the therapists, she shows more compassion and caring for those working with her.  

Information on TheraSuit:
Designed and patented in 2001, TheraSuit was the first suit in the United States used to rehabilitate neurological and sensory disorders. TheraSuit is a soft dynamic proprioceptive orthotic. It is FDA registered and currently utilized in over 150 different clinics and hospitals in the United States and other countries. TheraSuit is used to treat patients diagnosed with cerebral palsy, hemiplegia, stroke, developmental delays, ataxia, traumatic brain injuries and many other neurological disorders.

Through a system of elastic rubber bands, the patient’s body is aligned as close to normal as possible. The restoration of posture and proper function of postural muscles helps allow the patient to learn, or re­learn, proper patterns of movement. The patient’s body is loaded with very specific and unique pressure that restores deep proprioception from joints, ligaments and muscles. The TheraSuit provides external stabilization to the trunk and therefore allows more fluent and coordi­nated movement for both upper and lower extremities.

About the Bloomingdale Library Attack Survivor:
In 2008, the young woman, formally known at the Bloomingdale Library Attack Victim, was brutally raped, beaten and left to die outside of the Bloomingdale library.  She did not die that night and is slowly recovering from the brutal attack.  Headed for the University of Florida with a full ride scholarship, her life changed in an instant.  The young woman can no longer walk, talk, see or eat on her own but she is improving everyday.  She communicates through widening her eyes, smiling and clenching her fists.  The young woman requires around-the-clock care and attends daily physical, occupational and experimental therapies to aid her recovery.  The recovery is slow but very noticeable and she makes strides towards slowly regaining her own normalcy every day.

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