Join us for a new Chapter in Queena's Life: Soon to be Released Book
By Kristen Zemina
July 26, 2020

I’m so excited to tell you about the next chapter in my friend Queena’s life. 
The Life She Once Knew: The Incredible True Story of Queena, the Bloomingdale Library Attack Survivor is now a book. As told by her mother, Vanna Nguyen, it’s available for preorder on Click here to buy the book.

I realize that this world has plenty of stories of tragedy and horror. It’s simple to read them or hear about them and pity the people involved, thinking, “Oh, how sad.” But it’s my hope that after you learn Queena’s story, you won’t just sympathize but will truly see the people in these situations as having value and appreciating their worth. Theirs are stories worth telling, and their spirit, their humanity, persists always.

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The Y in the Road: The Continuation 

By Vanna Nguyen
January 12, 2020

I am united with my daughter as we share the same basic instinct for survival. My faith has sustained me since April 24th, 2008 when Kendrick Morris raped my daughter and left her for dead at the Bloomingdale Library. My daughter is encased within a prison mentally and physically as she cannot walk, talk, see or eat on our own. For more than a decade, her warmth of personality, determination and ability to connect with others remain strong while he is in prison for life. Justice has been served and I am focused on my full-time job of taking care of Queena. I have been writing in my office, garage, since September 2013. I have an agent, Geoff Stone of the Rudy Agency and have completed most of my writing using the “notes” app on my iPhone and then emailing my editor.

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April 24, I Will Never Forget You
By Vanna Nguyen
April 24, 2019

Every parent has a hope that their child will be successful in life. Not just successful in their chosen profession, but successful in a social environment as well. Being a immigrant from an Asian Country and thrown into a foreign culture, my desire for my children’s successful assimilation may have been just a little more intense than the average mother, but the desired result crosses International  Boundaries, regardless of culture, language, education level or socioeconomic standing. We provide the right tools, the right guidance, the right advice, and then send them  on their way, all the while keeping our fingers crossed, our minds flexible, and, in many cases, our purses open for that continual need for parental assistance.

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There is Reason to Continue to Hope

By Vanna Nguyen
April 24, 2018

Words from a Momma, dreaming big dreams, filled with the hope for a wonderful future for her children... Then, her dreams were shattered in one night. But, by the power of the Holy Spirit, she has overcome, and she knows that God is sufficient. Hope restored.

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God is Calling 
By Vanna Nguyen 
April 10, 2018


I remember two years after Queena had been discharged from HealthSouth Inpatient Rehab. We had been through so many doctor's appointments, rehabs, therapy sessions, and occupational therapy with Queena. We had done it all. But she had no improvement. One day, I talked with a friend about how frustrated I was. I asked her if I needed to change my prayer to please Jesus? Maybe He needs something else from me? She said, "Vanna, do you think you are going to give up your dream to please Him?" "My dream?" I asked in confusion.

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