Update from Dr. Victor

As a chiropractor I would always start by evaluating the neck area for fixations of the vertebral spine and for mobility of the joints. Once I detected the areas of vertebral subluxation, I would perform a chiropractic adjustment in order to improve the nervous system function and help Queena's body heal at the highest level possible. Queena was very responsive to chiropractic care and she was under my care for almost one year, she had been under Dr. Stoltz care for a couple of years and then I joined Living Temple Chiropractic and we both cared for Queena's spine. I saw Queena improve her neck mobility, she started to recognize colors and she even took steps. Her improvements were phenomenol under chiropractic care. We gave Vanna and Queena hope when other doctors told her that there was nothing more that they could do. The power the body heals the body. We believe Queena will do so much better and there is still more to come. May God continue to bless you guys. 
Dr. Victor

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