We need a venue for Humor 2 Outreach's comedy show!

Hey guys,

SomeguynamedFrank from Humor 2 Outreach (H2O) got in touch with Queena and her Mom last week and wants to perform with his group of Christian comedians to help raise money for Queena's therapy! 

H2O is a one of a kind organization that performs fundraising stand-up comedy shows to help various ministries, organizations, and needs across the Tampa Bay area.  They were recently featured on News Channel 8, followed by a  front page article in the Tampa Tribune.  (Google them, they are making the big time!)
H2O has offered to do a fundraiser show to help raise donations for Queena and she couldn't be more excited!   If you or anyone you know has access to a venue or church that seats 400+ people where H2O could put on their comedy show, we would be grateful.  Queena has lots of friends that she wants to invite!

SomeguynamedFrank says it'll be a great night of laughter for a good cause.   If you know of a venue, please contact him directly at 813-438-9211 or send a message through the "Contact" link on this site!

We are getting excited and can't wait to see H2O in action!  Please help us find a location!

 ♥ Queena and Rachel

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