This Angel will survive

This Angel will survive, after 5 years after her attack she is still alive and working to become strong, and does it with a inner smile and warmth...where does she draw her courage?
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Queena's Turning 23!!

Join us for a very special birthday party for Queena!
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Queena's Holistic Healing Facials and Reiki

I have been giving Queena Holistic Healing Facials and Reiki (energy work) for almost four years. Acupressure and Lymphatic drainage is used to rid Queena's body of toxins and to stimulate her facial muscles
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The Journey

Queena began her journey with the TheraSuit team at Pediatric Therapy Services in October of 2011.
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TheraSuit Progress March 2013

following is a synopsis of Queena’s progress during her TheraSuit program beginning February 25th 2013 ending March 14, 2013. A total of 36 hours of TheraSuit training was delivered.
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