Queena Phu - Entry For Meet Hazel Contest

 Dear Clearwater Marine Aquarium,
I am writing this email to enter my little sister, Queena, into the Meet Hazel contest. Your consideration is greatly appreciated.
Almost 4 years ago, Queena was beaten and raped while dropping off library books at the night drop at the Bloomingdale Library. The attack left her unable to see, talk, eat, or walk. Queena had just turned 18 a couple days before the attack. She had a full-ride academic scholarship to the University of Florida. She was involved in many extra-curricular activities in school and volunteered in the community. She now lives at home, and my mom has become her full-time caregiver.
Despite the tragedy and trauma, Queena and my family developed a strong determination to beat the odds and fight for normalcy of life. She has inspired countless people in the community to believe in themselves and believe in the goodness of others.
Queena received the amazing opportunity to swim with Winter once before. The bond they developed was instant and from that day forward, they became everlasting friends. Queena and my family have visited the Clearwater Marine Aquarium many times since then.
Like Winter, Queena has proved that having a handicap does not stop you from living a fulfilling and happy life. Queena undergoes intense therapy everyday and always gives her best effort. Her laugh is infectious and her smile inspires people even on their worst days.
Her new purpose is to be a great example to those who are struggling in their own ways.
Queena was invited to and attended the movie premier of Dolphin Tale. She grinned the whole way through the film and squeezed her Winter stuffed animal tightly. She was so proud of her friend Winter. The message of the movie touched her and our family's heart deeply.
Queena would be delighted to meet Hazel. The experience would stimulate her brain and warm her heart.
Thank you for your consideration.
Anna Vuong (sister)
Child’s Name: Queena Phu
Parent’s Name: Vanna Nguyen
Age: 21
Email Address: avvuong@gmail.com
Mailing Address: XXXX

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